Kids are growing up in a digital world and technology offers many positive things to them. However adult smartphones are typically given in the first instance rather than the last. 

We believe a staggered approach is more appropriate. 

(None of these are affiliate links, we do not get paid for recommending these products)

Internet Free Phones

When you do want to get a phone for your child make sure:

  • The phone does not support WI-FI
  • No 4G/5G
  • No selfie camera
  • Use a SIM card with NO DATA, calls and texts only
  • Give it with a contract/boundaries (see below)

Below are the devices we can recommend and a link to safe SIM cards:

This phone is all about the music, like an updated version of the iPod with built in earbuds and a speaker, no WI-FI, no Whatsapp, and with a calls and texts only SIM card, is perfect for our children with a forward facing camera.

Nokia 105 – £25

The simplest, cheapest handset with everything they need a phone to do: super long battery life, torch, snake game and wireless radio. Comes in a variety of colours.

Nokia 3310 – £60

An iconic phone from our past brought up to date for our kids!

Incredible battery life, modern take on the game Snake, radio, forward facing camera.

Sim Cards:

IMPORTANT – When you get a SIM card for your child’s phone, make sure that it has NO DATA roaming, only calls and texts so that there is no chance that they can access the internet. Currently Asda are the only company that are offering this.

Asda Unlimited calls and Texts £4 per month


These are watches designed specifically for kids, unlike the phones mentioned above. It is less likely to get lost, it has an in-built tracker and introduces kids to technology in a safer way. This is what we would recommend to start with:

XPLORA GO X2 – £99 

Tracking devices

Many parents want to be able to track them for safety and peace of mind. If you are getting them a phone from the list above, these will not come with tracking devices so if this is something you want you can get a tracking sticker to attach directly onto the phone.

Tile – £25

Trackers that can be stuck directly onto your child’s phone or attached to jackets, backpacks, etc.

Apple Airtag – £30

These can be worn in an affordable watch strap or attached to a backpack or jacket


If your child is at least 14, and you are preparing to give them a smartphone, please make sure they are smartphone ready and it is setup in a way that is least harmful to them. In the first instance install the app MM