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Smartphones are catastrophic for children, they are…

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...exposing children to sexual and offensive content

50% of 12-yr-olds regularly see online porn

44% of boys say it gives them ideas about the ‘kind of sex they want to try’

…creating structural changes to children’s brains

Excessive smartphone use is associated with psychiatric, cognitive, emotional, medical and brain changes

...increasing depression and anxiety in children

There has been a 98% increase in depression since 2004.

10% of under 17s have attempted suicide.

...stopping children getting enough sleep

Fifty-seven percent more teens were sleep deprived in 2015 than in 1991.

When they should be sleeping 80% of teens are using smartphones.


46% of teens say they use the internet “almost constantly”

23% of young people have a dysfunctional relationship with their smartphones

…pressuring girls into sending sexual images of themselves

It is common for girls as young as 11 to be pressured into sending nude images of themselves.

…making children more likely to self harm

Hospitalisation rates for self-harm have increased by 140% since 2010.

24% of UK girls aged 17 have self-harmed.

…damaging the development of children’s spine

69% of children with a smartphone report neck pain. 81% displayed a neck disability.

...exposing children to sexual abuse & grooming

There has been a 1,058% increase since 2019 of webpages showing sexual abuse of 7-10 yr-old children

…contributing to obesity in children

On average children with phones are spending 9 hours a day on screens, however 5 or more hours a day has a 43% increased risk of obesity.

…damaging children’s eyes

Children’s myopia risk (shortsightedness) is linked to smartphone use. 

...reducing time with friends in person

Children with smartphones are spending less time than ever socialising in person

…contributing to the huge increase in cyberbullying

84% of bullying in children with smartphones, takes place online.

Children no longer have respite from bullies at home.

…reducing children’s ability to empathise and communicate

Children are increasingly unable to read facial expressions or show empathy, compared to children in previous generations

…encouraging children to turn to peers over parents for direction

Peers are now children’s primary attachment. Children are in almost constant contact with their peers shifting the primary relationships away from their parents/guardians

…preventing children playing outside

Children spend twice as long looking at screens as playing outside

…affecting children’s ability to focus

Nearly 40% of children have experienced reduced levels of concentration due to their smartphones

...increasing loneliness in children

Loneliness has doubled in children since 2012.

School loneliness is highest where access to smartphones and internet use is high.

The Silicon Valley billionaires who created the phones and apps that harm our children’s childhood would never put smartphones in their own children’s pockets.

Right now we can work together to end this epidemic of mental illness in our children and commit to delaying smartphones and give them an alternative until at least the age of 14.


parents from schools have signed the pledge.

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