get involved.

volunteer ambassadors.

Parents who are passionate about this cause, can you spare a couple of hours a month?

Become an Ambassador! We know that awareness is a key issue so we’ve developed a proven program to help gain the support and pledges in your school community. Help us share the research and alternative devices with parents. 

There are over 20,000 primary schools in the UK, we want Volunteer Ambassadors in every school. It’s easier than you think!

What’s involved?

We have created a proven training program that will help you achieve maximum impact in your school community. Our non judgemental, parent to parent method is very effective. Because the most important parents to get on board are the one’s in your child’s class!

You will be fully supported with materials and training. This will involve:

  • How to raise awareness with parents
  • How to use the flyers and research cards for success
  • How to get a banner for your school
  • How to talk to Parent Teacher Associations or Parent Councils
  • How to run a stall at the school fair
  • How to recruit more Volunteer Ambassadors

You can do as much or as little as you choose!


In the first instance, SHARE this website and your commitment with your friends, on social media in your Whatsapp groups


Our goals for this campaign :

– A nationwide ban on phones in schools*  with phone lockers and pouches so they are not accessible during the day.
– Ban of social media for children under 16 years old with external age verification.
– Ban of adult sites with external age verification for children under 18 years old.

* Exemptions are considered and may be approved by Head Teachers on a case-by-case basis where:

  • the student uses their device to monitor or manage a medical condition
  • the device is an agreed adjustment for a student with disability or learning difficulties
  • the device is used for translation by a student with English as an additional language
  • the student has extenuating personal circumstances requiring more immediate access to their device, such as being the primary carer for a child or family member

Ask your Head Teacher if you can have a banner like the one pictured, next to your school gates. The banner will give a link to the research, alternatives and the pledge. When you receive the go ahead, ask them to send an email here to confirm they are happy for the banner to go up. The banner will then be sent out free of charge!

Contact your local MP here


join your region’s whatsapp group.

Smartphone Free Childhood have set up a brilliant community of parents who want their children to be free from smartphones. Join for support and conversation here. Click the link to find your local group.


As we are not yet a registered charity we receive no funding. We urgently need funds for printed materials, demonstration smartphone alternatives, video production, and advertising. 

*We are run entirely by volunteers.

Funds help us to reach more families so parents can make informed decisions about when to give their child their first smartphone.