What’s involved?

We have created a proven training program that will help you acheive maximum impact in your school community.

You will be fully supported with materials, online training and live calls. This will involve:

  • How to raise awareness with parents
  • How to get a banner for your school
  • How to talk to Parent Teacher Associations or Parent Councils
  • How to use the flyers and research cards for success
  • How to run a stall at the school fair
  • How to recruit more Volunteer Ambassadors

Without you, this campaign would be impossible, we are delighted you are joining us!

Shipping Address for Volunteer Materials
We are in the process of securing our charity status but as we are not currently funded, we kindly ask for a donation of £10 which is what it costs us to produce and send the materials. If this is a barrier to becoming an ambassador please email us

If you have any problems making a payment please use this PayPal link to enter the total and email with your address

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